Below are some of the highlights from my golf career so far.

  • I am the Head PGA Advanced Professional at Tracy Park Golf and Country Hotel
  • I am a qualified Level 1 Titleist Performance Institue Golf Fitness Coach
  • I hold a Specialised Associate Degree in Golf Complex Operations and Management.  Graduating with Honours from the Golf Academy of the South in Florida. This included graduating with players credentials in the top flight of the college division and Country Club Management
  • As an amateur I achieved a handicap of +1
  • I am a Pre-Shot Golf Pyschology Coach
  • Former Norfolk County Coach (All Squads)
  • Former Gloucestershire County Golf Union Under 16 Future's Squad Coach
  • Former coach two Gloucestershire County Golf Union Academy Squads. The Under 16 Future's Squad and the Under 14 Development Squad
  • Former Gloucestershire County Golf Union Under 14 Performance Squad Coach
  • Current 2019 Gloucestershire County Golf Union Under 16 Performance Squad Coach


During my career I have been fortunate to work alongside, learn from and work for some of the world's top golf coaches both in Europe and America.  This has given me a great understanding of how different students learn, how different coaches teach and most importantly how each golfer has their own personal, efficient, repeatable and most effective swing.


My knowledge gained over the years of how people learn new motor skills, how the body works and moves to create an effective and powerful golf swing. Coupled with how the mind produces results under pressure, I am able to get the best out of each individual client I coach. 


My client list is varied as I have coached 'minor tour' players, county first team players, fellow PGA professionals, county junior squads, club golfers and total beginners.  Every single person I have taught/coached has been treated individually and had their own personal needs met.