Lesson Tips

How to improve your swing path


Try this quick drill to help improve your swing path. Line up tee's parallel either side of your ball 12cms long leaving a 3cm gap from the toe and heel of your 6 iron like the picture below.  I use higher tee's on the toe end side of the club.



Remove the ball and try to complete 10 full swings, skimming the ground where the ball should be and avoiding the tee's.  Once you have completed that start hitting balls and remember you need to get 10 shots in a row, with a ball then ground strike and all tee's remaining in the ground.


For advanced golfers bring the tee's inwards to make the path tighter and use a longer club.  This drill will improve your swing path and your striking of the ball.



If you struggle with this drill to begin with use a shorter club, give yourself a little bit more room and swing at a slower pace than normal.  The goal is to skim the ground in the right place and avoid the tee's not to do it flat out to begin with.  You will learn more by doing the move correctly first and remember you learn best when you struggle. Go test yourself.


Improve your putting


During the winter months you probably feel its hard to practice your putting when the greens are wet and the weather is cold.  As we all know putting is the most important part of the game so you need to keep on top of it at all times.  Here is a practice drill that I use with my clients that will help you hole more 4ft putts and the beauty of it is that you can practice indoors.


All you need is 3 tee's a builders chalk line (optional depending on where you practice) and a straight plank of wood 3ft long, 3 inches high and 2 inches thick.  Find a flat putt that is about 3-4 ft in length and place 2 tee's upside down 4 inches apart.  Then place the third tee 2ft behind these two tee's directly in the centre.  If you have a chalk line mark the floor with a 5ft line so it passes straight through the middle of the tee's.  Finally line up the putter so the chalk line would pass through the centre of the putter head and place the plank of wood either against the heel of the putter or the toe.  I suggest you practice with the wooden plank on either side of your putter, one way will seem harder than the other.



Your goal is to hit putts so the ball stays on the line, passes through the tee's and stops before it hits the tee at the back.  Try and do 5 in a row, once that is completed try to do 10 and so on.  Once you find this task easy and you get 20 in a row quickly then move the tee's in like in the picture above so the balls pass through a smaller gap.




Remember to make the task hard enough to test yourself and as you improve make the gap between the tee's smaller and the putt longer.