30 Minute Lesson



1 Hour Lesson

Inc. High Speed Video Analysis

If Required



9 Hole

Playing Lesson

Learn To Play Those

Awkward Shots


Difficult Lies

(2 hours)



Short Game Assesment


Short Game Handicap Test

See How Your Short Game

Compares To Your Actual Handicap

(2 hours)



Pre Shot Pyschology

Training Session

Think Like The Pro's

When The Pressure Is On

(2 hours)



Golf Fitness Assesment

Workout Planner

Learn How Stretching


Basic Exercise Can Get You

Hitting Your Drives 10yds Further

(2 hours)



Hole More Of

Those Nasty 3ft Putts

Full Putting Analysis

(2 hours)



Train Like A Pro

Covering All Aspects of Your Game      

(8 hours)



Bunker Blitz

Start Knocking It Close 

Out Of Bunkers

(1 hour)



Pitch Like A Pro

Learn To Up & Down

From 75yds and In

(1 hour)



Chip 'IN'g

Made Easy

Turn 3 Shots

Into 2

(1 hour)



Compare Your Game

18 Holes

With Me

(4 hours)